Threading – Hints and Tips

Always get your eyebrows professionally done, even if this is only once a year. This will give you an idea of what they should look like, and with regular maintenance they will remain perfectly shaped.

Once you have the brows you love, tend to them on a daily basis; it's a lot easier to tweeze one or two stray hairs every day than too many at the end of the week.

No two eyebrows are ever identical; so don't even attempt to get them the same as you will end up plucking to nothing. They say eyebrows are sisters not twins.

When shaping your own eyebrows always pluck after a hot shower, in natural daylight and never a week before and during your period when your pain threshold is not at its strongest.

When tweezing, always sit in front of a large mirror with a magnified mirror in your hand. This gives you an overall realistic view and the hand mirror helps with the detail, move from mirror to mirror.

Always tweeze both eyebrows together taking a few hairs of each at a time; it is a lot easier as trying to mimic one brow shape after the other is very difficult.

When shaping your own eyebrows there are a few rules to follow; eyebrows should start before the eye (nose side) and not after. Try to keep the shape even - there is nothing worse than a tadpole sitting on top of your eyes.

Good quality tools are essential to achieve a professional finish.

When applying makeup to your brows less is always more, you should never be able to see where the make up starts and where the hairs stop. When holding the brow pencil always holds further down - like you would when sketching, and build up the colour. If you decide to have your brows professionally shaped and don't know where to go always ask someone whos eyebrows you like and always check that the therapists own eyebrows look good as this is always a good indication.

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I have always thought of the eyebrows as a work of art. It’s about creating a look, a style and a feeling that’s incredible.
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